Done By Design

Are you looking for original designs? Do you have an idea for a logo but can’t quite get that finished product? Is your website dated and in need of a little updating? Looking for head shots at a reasonable price? Then you’ve landed at the right spot.

Composite Logic : Graphic and Web Designs.

Many of our competitors out source their work, use freelance designers and basically turn out cookie cutter designs. Most times clients don’t even have direct contact with artists. With Composite Logic, you are working with one designer, from start to finish, so that you get the dedicated attention and commitment to your project that you deserve. In summary we offer top notch resources for our projects while still providing the superior customer service and affordable pricing our customers have come to expect. With experience in virtually all aspects of design as well as photography, our clients can benefit from our understanding of color, form, usability, presentation, business, composition and marketing. We do Design and can make a difference and impact for you.